“I saw Dr. Henderson after my triple-negative breast cancer diagnosis. She did an excellent job describing the procedures that were indicated and made sure I understood what everything meant and all of the steps involved. She was very thorough about which tests were needed to confirm the type of surgery that would be recommended in my case. We talked about genetic testing for the BRCA gene, which would change her treatment recommendation from a lumpectomy to a bilateral (both breasts) mastectomy. Luckily, testing confirmed that I did not have the mutated gene and I was able to have the less radical operative option. I was also impressed with the neat and precise incision she performed for my lumpectomy and underarm area where lymph nodes were excised for screening. Both areas healed very well with no puckering or disfigurement. Her staff did a great job following up with me afterward, and it was very helpful to have a nurse line I could call with any questions or issues after my operation.”

– Suzanne M.

“I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Henderson. I spent two weeks in a fog after my breast cancer diagnosis, and I was very scared. When I went to see her, I had so many questions, but she answered them before I could even ask them. After meeting with her, I knew step by step what was going to happen. We talked about every aspect of my treatment, from surgery to chemotherapy. She didn’t make me feel like a cancer patient, she made me feel like a survivor. When I left that day, I had hope. And she did an amazing job. I am a large-chested woman, and I was worried what I would look like after my lumpectomy. We decided to do immediate reconstruction, and, by doing that, she made me feel whole again. She corrected the other side to match a year later, after my chemotherapy. I could have gone to a plastic surgeon, but I didn’t want anyone else – my trust was in her. She made my breast cancer diagnosis not only bearable but beautiful.”

– Lisa J.

“I have friends who had Dr. Henderson as a surgeon, who assured me she was the best person to perform my procedure when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So, I was already at ease when I met her. And they were right – she is one of the most positive, reassuring people you’ll ever meet. She always took the time to answer my questions and was never in a hurry. My husband and I were able to make some important decisions, based on the information she gave us, and we never felt pressured one way or the other. She and her team also worked closely with my insurance company to ensure all the necessary tests were covered. And I’m very pleased with the way the surgery turned out. If you didn’t know me, you’d never know I had surgery. I’m healthy now, and I have Dr. Henderson and many other people to thank for that.”

– Virginia N.

“From the moment I walked in, I was treated with the utmost professionalism, respect and care. Dr. Henderson was very thorough and willing to answer all of my questions. She made sure I understood everything and never talked down to me. I had a lumpectomy in 2014, then a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in 2015. Between my first surgery and second surgery, while I was undergoing breast cancer treatment, my spouse passed away. It was a very difficult time. Dr. Henderson and her staff were so compassionate about it – they really do care. I’m doing well now, and I’m pleased with the way my surgeries turned out.”

– Rhonda F.

“When I called to schedule an appointment, I was told it would be ten days before I could be seen. But the very next day, I got a call back from someone who said Dr. Henderson wanted to see me right away. She’d reviewed my case and knew what I was facing and decided I couldn’t wait – that, obviously, meant the world to me. I was diagnosed with very aggressive triple-negative breast cancer with an 80% growth rate. At my appointment, Dr. Henderson explained everything that was going to happen, very thoroughly, knowing that my treatment was going to move quickly. But she didn’t rush. She and her assistant took their time and treated me – not like just another patient – but like a human being. I knew she had lots of people to see, but she really made me feel special. Less than a month after my double mastectomy and reconstruction, my house burned down. Not very long afterward, I got a call from Dr. Henderson personally, who wanted to know how I was doing and asked to meet with me. I happened to be visiting the hospital for another reason, so I stopped by her office. When I got there, she and her team presented me with a wonderful gift, along with a bunch of gift cards, to help us get back on our feet. It was a beautiful gesture.”

– Lisa B.

“When I came to Dr. Henderson, I was looking for answers. I’d been getting mammograms and ultrasounds every six months for quite some time to watch a concerning spot on my left breast. When I met with Dr. Henderson, she recommended an MRI. When my insurance didn’t want to cover it, she got on the phone personally and convinced them it was necessary. And it’s a good thing she did. While they didn’t find anything in my left breast, they did find something in my right breast. I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ – the earliest form of breast cancer. The type of cancer found was a rare form, so Dr. Henderson immediately brought my case to the Tumor Board for discussion. With their input, Dr. Henderson helped me decide on a mastectomy as opposed to a lumpectomy. That decision gave me peace of mind, and, in making that decision, I was spared radiation treatment. Due to the nature of my cancer, Dr. Henderson also removed my sentinel lymph nodes, using the mastectomy incision, as opposed to making a separate incision. She took a personal interest in my case, and I am thankful for her due diligence. Had she not pushed the insurance company to cover the MRI and not sought the opinions of other experts, my outcome could have been much different. Because we caught it early, I didn’t need radiation or chemo – and I couldn’t be happier about that. Two years later, she performed my gallbladder surgery, which also went very well. I would highly recommend Dr. Henderson to anyone.”

– Shannon R.